High purity alumina

"In 2011, after detailed market research and demonstration, combined with the advantages of Zibo's local industrial resources, the company invested in a new field - high purity alumina. With the concern and support of Gaoqing County Party committee, county government and Management Committee of Gaoqing Economic Development Zone, the factory was built and put into operation that year." He Wenjie, general manager of the company, said that high purity alumina is a narrow market product series, belonging to a small number of products, but with high added value and excellent performance, it can be used in high-quality fields such as artificial sapphire, lithium battery, photoelectric glass, functional ceramics, precision polishing, catalyst, spraying materials, etc., and its future application prospect is promising. In the development process, the company adheres to the concept of preciseness, high efficiency, low-key, steadfast, diligent and open, and injects its own excellent quality into the company culture and products. Relying on the excellent chemical stability, high melting point, high mechanical strength, high hardness, good thermal conductivity, high insulation and other properties of the products, the company gradually gains a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.