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Focus on Breaking Through Honghao's "First Power" to Start A New Journey


On March 16, the reporter walked into Zibo Honghao crystal materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zibo Honghao) located in Gaoqing economic development zone. The workers in the workshop were busy ordering high-purity alumina from Sulzer company, one of the world's top 500 enterprises“ This batch of high purity alumina will be sent to Qingdao port next week. " Company chairman Tan Yingge told reporters.

It is understood that Zibo Honghao is a small and micro enterprise, which is applying for a national high-tech enterprise. Its products involve artificial intelligence, new energy, consumer electronics, high-end fine chemicals and other cutting-edge fields. It has established business cooperation relations with Monocrystal, Corning, LG, BASF,Heraeus and other Fortune 500 enterprises, and its business volume accounts for more than 60%, The company has successively passed the ISO 9001-2015 international quality system certification and ISO14001-2015 environmental protection system certification, and its products have also obtained the EU safety qualification RoHS certificate and the EU chemical access qualification reach certificate.



"In 2011, after detailed market research and demonstration, combined with the advantages of Zibo's local industrial resources, the company invested in a new field - high purity alumina. With the concern and support of Gaoqing County Party committee, county government and Management Committee of Gaoqing Economic Development Zone, the factory was built and put into operation that year." He Wenjie, general manager of the company, said that high purity alumina is a narrow market product series, belonging to a small number of products, but with high added value and excellent performance, it can be used in high-quality fields such as artificial sapphire, lithium battery, photoelectric glass, functional ceramics, precision polishing, catalyst, spraying materials, etc., and its future application prospect is promising. In the development process, the company adheres to the concept of preciseness, high efficiency, low-key, steadfast, diligent and open, and injects its own excellent quality into the company culture and products. Relying on the excellent chemical stability, high melting point, high mechanical strength, high hardness, good thermal conductivity, high insulation and other properties of the products, the company gradually gains a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.

"On February 18, the city's mobilization meeting for the implementation of the breakthrough year was held. For our enterprises, it was not only the best spur and incentive, but also a positive mobilization and demonstration. We made a breakthrough" full of energy " He Wenjie said that the purity of high-purity alumina powder and block produced by the company can reach more than 99.99% and 99.999%, respectively. In order to ensure the continuous improvement of product quality, the company, through introducing talents to tackle key problems, cooperates with the technical teams of a number of scientific research institutes, and invests millions every year to improve quality, develop new products and update testing equipment, Break through the bottleneck and problems in many production processes.



In the product process test, in order to grasp the appropriate temperature boundary point and time node, He Wenjie and engineers stay at the side of the equipment for several days and nights, focusing on the process, debugging parameters, recording data, repeated experiments, carrying forward the spirit of craftsman, and casting high-quality products with sincerity, carefulness and perseverance. Through continuous technical improvement, the company's product batch quality difference is getting smaller and smaller, and the stability is getting higher and higher, which greatly improves the market competitiveness and market share, and finally becomes the supplier of many of the world's top 500 enterprises. According to the data of research and markers, the company's trading volume of high purity alumina products (HPA) ranked the top five in the world for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. In March last year, the technical director of a Japanese cooperative company gave feedback evaluation on the quality stability and reliability of 55 batches of Zibo Honghao products, fully affirmed the good performance of the products, and said that Zibo Honghao high purity aluminum oxide products will continue to be used as raw materials and accessories in the new projects to be developed. It can stand up to Japan's strict industrial product standards and fully demonstrates Zibo Honghao's valuable craftsmanship spirit and the value of corporate culture.

"Compared with the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, domestic high-purity alumina products are still in a relatively backward stage in terms of production technology, quality and other aspects. Therefore, the company is cooperating with a technical team to develop large-scale production of nano alumina products. At present, it has entered the pilot stage and strives to reach the production capacity within this year. In the next step, the company will focus on improving the functionality.

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