99.9%+ High Purity Alumina(Aluminum Oxide) for Fine Polishin

2019-12-01 admin
With polishing industry’s development and increasing demand for the surface treatment, SiO2 polishing powder has good light effects, but cutting rates too slow; diamond polishing powder or SiC has hardness 10 and fast cutting, but too many scratches on the surface. According to the market demand and after 3 years of independent research and development, Zibo Honghe Chemical produces series of alumina (aluminum oxide) polishing powder,this product has moderate hardness, and it’s more suitable for fine polishing. By choosing the right grain products and adjusting the solid content in the polishing liquid (1-60% adjustable), it will be achieved high cutting rates and fast light effect.
 For the same size product, by improving the solid content in the polishing liquid, and then cutting rates will be increased.
At present, our products are mainly for the fine polishing powder with capacity over 20 tons per month, and can be applied to the final polishing of Crystal 、Optical Glass、Resin、Car Paint、Sapphire etc.
Our product has many features,for example it is easily soluble in water and has proper particle dispersion, good suspension, solid content 1%~60% with arbitrary adjustable, stable liquid phase.
Also,the hardness can be adjusted by control its surface area, we can produce different surface area products in same particle size distribution.For examples,under average particle 5-6um we can produce its surface area with 6-9、10-12、13-16、17-20、21-24、25-28.You can get more information about our high purity polishing alumina(aluminum oxide) via:sale19@honghechem.com or 86-18265869097.

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