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Sapphire maybe the real key material to Apple’s new product.Although the first  co-constructe factory hasn’t been completed there is a news that Apple and the  GT Advanced Technologies will construct another factory with same scale as the first one.
The AppleInsider reported that the new factory maybe diretely behind the actual residence and the U.S. International Trade Administration’s latest data shows there is enough space for Apple’s new factory.
Although Arizona plant hasn’t beet completed it has already start to produce product.After construction there will be 1,700Sapphire crystal furnaces this means a huge demand of high purity alumina series product.
It is reported that the CEO of Canonical,Mark Shuttleworth said that Apple has just purchased three years supply of Sapphire screen,Canonical Originally want to apply the same screen to its “Ubuntu Edge” phone.
After signed long-term supply contract with GT it has spread that Apple will apply Sapphire screen to its peoducts.This is a good news for high purity alumina oxide industry.View from the internal leakage Apple has purchase enough sapphire crystal furnaces and able to produce 100-200million Sapphire screen.