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Reorganization Finished -- GTAT Will Come Back

Date to 2014,Apple invest GTAT and placed big order to them but because the bankrupt of GTAT the supply of sapphire screen on Iphone 6 became naught.Now has been 2016,GTAT finish their reorganization and announced that they will come back.
GTAT announced that they avoid the bankrupt and reorganized to a new company.It is reported that group of anonymous sponsors invest 80 million to help them back to the market.
The new company will focus on the solar and sapphire industry is this means GTAT will return to their former career?Is this a signal that Apple will adopt sapphire screen in their next Iphone?We’ll see.
Why Apple is always interested in sapphire screen? Because sapphire screen has excellent optical property and hardness.Sapphire is grew from high purity alumina and is the second hardest material in the world.