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Vivo/Huawei Lead the List of Sapphire Screen Mobile Phone

The news that Apple will adopt sapphire screen in its next generation Iphone had been spread for years but it is not Apple the first company to adopt the sapphire screen for mobile phone.Here we will see the list of mobile phone with sapphire screen.
But first,where is sapphire screen from?Sapphire screen was processed from synthetic sapphire,which grow from high purity alumina,and has the advantage on its good optical property and hardness--its hardness rank only second to the diamond.
1.Vivo X5L sapphire version
   Vivo X5L sapphire version adopt a 5 inch sapphire screen and its  resolution ratio is 1280X720 pixel its display effect is excellent.
2.Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire Version
Huawei Ascend P7 adopt sapphire material screen to have excellent scratch-proof performance and don’t need to pad pasting.
3.DESAY Magic Mirror X5
    Desay’s sapphire screen was grow on the glass substrate with epitaxial growth this method can help reduce the cost and made Desay the cheapest sapphire screen mobile phone.
4.Gionee W808
    Gionee W808 has metal body with ceramic back and sapphire screen .