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Sapphire Half Wavelength Plate Help ABS to Observe the Gravi

  In the beginning of 2015 ABS team start cooperate with Chinese sapphire growth enterprise to adopt 20inch large size sapphire half wavelength plate to observe the gravitational wave.The large size sapphire half wavelength highly improved the accuracy of B mode of the “POLARBEAR”. This discovery prove the existence of gravitational waves.
  The LIGO team declare the discovery of gravitational waves on 11th Feb.In fact ABS team start the observation of gravitational waves since 2014 and publish their initial results in Astrophysical Journal.
  The Sapphire Half Wavelength Plate was processed from synthetic sapphire ingot,which grow from high purity alumina(Al2O3 purity from 99.995-99.999%).This discovery also prove again the big potential of synthetic sapphire crystal,sapphire crystal has the advantage on its high hardness and excellent optical and chemical characteristics.Because of the excellent characteristics the sapphire substrate is widely used in camera lens、watch 、touch panels.    
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