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      LED industry is booming now,after iwatch and mobile phone cover the Mphone announced that it will use sapphire panel to its new product .LED manufacturer will prepare stock in advance it is a good news to high purity alumina industry. Sapph...

    2019-06-02 admin 106

  • Alumina for lacquer surface polishing and resin polishing

      一、Product introduction: Our company independently research and develop the PAS series of fine polishing alumina powder, which is specially used in automobile lacquer surface polishing, resin lens polishing, and high-end furniture lacq...

    2019-05-03 admin 182

  • Specialty Alumina For Fine Polishing

      Introduction: With the polishing industry development and increasing demand for the surface treatment, SiO2 material polishing powder with good light effects, but cutting rates too slow; diamond polishing powder or SiC materials with hardne...

    2019-05-03 admin 164

  • Parsing the Sapphire ---Whether it is a the best succedaneum

      With more and more close to the Iphone 6s release time online attentation to sapphire has reach a unprecedented peak.Even before the release time the news,which iphone 6 will use sapphire screen,has already boost the high purity alumina mar...

    2019-05-03 admin 99