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Alumina for PCB Circuit Board Polishing

Alumina for PCB Circuit Board Polishing


Our PCB Circuit Board polishing alumina can be used for the mirrior polishing of PCB Circuit Board and Multilayer circuit board. Our material has advantage on its hardness and can adjust its cutting speed and polishing effect. Based on the excellent polishing effetc of our material this product was welcomed in domestic and oversea market.


Alumina for PCB Circuit Board Polishing


●The powder is easy to make slurry,can directly used for polishing or can be made to polishing liquid.The liquid phase is stable and content of solid can be adjusted from 1-50%.
●The type phase is stable and the hardness of the powder can be adjusted(BET 1~40m2/g)、the particle size is fine and in uniform distribution;
●High Cutting Speed high radiance and good mirror effect;
●The powder can be customized as requirement.


●Mirrior Polishing of PCB Circuit Board and Multilayer Circuit Board 



Outer:Canton Drum(Ф330×H540);
Inner:Polypropylene Bag;


Net 20~25kg/drum